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After all the hard work, some play

7 April 2011

Dealers, distributors and channel partners of UltraTech Cement Lanka hosted on  a pleasure trip

They had the time of their lives — eating, sightseeing, shopping, para sailing, watching enthralling shows… you name it!

They are the 'star performers' of UltraTech Cement Lanka — the dealers, distributors and channel partners — who are the brand ambassadors of the company. UltraTech recognised their contribution and support by organising holidays for them, along with their families, in Singapore and Bangkok, between 19 and 30 March 2011. Their association with UltraTech, over a number of years, has helped them and the company grow significantly, resulting in a win-win situation for both.

One of the teams headed to Singapore, while the other chose Thailand. The Singapore gang soaked in the fun and entertainment on Star cruise for a memorable journey of Penang in Malaysia and Phuket in Thailand, followed by Sentosa, Universal Studios and the Botanical Gardens at Singapore, while the Thai troopers took in Bangkok and Pattaya, making the most of Safari World, para sailing and ski boating. Of course, great food and plenty of shopping were unmistakably on the agenda of both teams.

Says Kiran Redkar, Chief Executive: “A well-deserved trip for UltraTech Cement Lanka’s family, who have put in their best efforts to create a niche place for UltraTech Cement in Sri Lanka. Celebration should be an essential part the journey of success  through smart hard work. Secondly, these overseas trips give good exposure to many of the team members, facilitate their development, which in turn benefits business, apart from a stronger sense of belongingness  with the company.”.”

May the fun continue in the years to come…

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